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demongirl99 has started a donation pool!
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Well sense I'll be finally working on the Crossover comic, I figured getting some motivation would help focus on working. So for those who want to see this comic submited quicker than once in a while then donate away.

Plus for those who want a commision but can pay in cash can donate points instead

2 - OC/nonOC Sketches
4 - OC/nonOC Inked Sketch (Digital/Traditional)
6 - OC/nonOC Full Drawing (Digital/Traditional) (colored)
12 - OC/nonOC with background (Digital/Traditional) (colored)

Note: I will not except pieces that are considered inappropriate or offensive in anyway (ex: porn, hate art, yaoi/yuri, etc.)

As mentioned above, anyone who is interested in a commission simply note me.

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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Current Residence: My house
Favourite genre of music: Heavy Metal and some other forms
Favourite style of art: Mike Mignola's style cause I love the way he makes the images pop out
MP3 player of choice: Sansa
Shell of choice: The human shell isn't all too attractive
Skin of choice: Demon Skin or freshly blooded human skin
Favourite cartoon character: I have alot a favorites
Personal Quote: When life gives you lemons, make lemon cake

Quit sticking up to lowlives here on dA or any other site for that matter

All Hail Pie :pie:

Tumblr Ask Cross:

Youtube demonangelkid: http/…

Funny Quotes:

"E.T. phone Lyoko"
"I met Dipper today. We are playing chess"
"I have always depended on the kindness of Mabel"

Mystery Kids Werewolf Fanfics from the fans:

Mystery Kids fanfic: Full Moon Fever part 1It was late afternoon in the small town of Gravity Falls.The local paranormal investigaters, the young twins Dipper and Mabel, were deep in the forest.Dipper was doing research on a mysterious tree that was said to come to life.Mabel meanwhile was off exploring.Soon she came upon a strange pointy stone.Little did she know that it was a fang, part of a skeleton of a dead werewolf.She picked it up and examined it before excitedly shouting,"Dipper come see this cool rock I found!"She began to run in the direction Dipper was when she tripped and cut her hand on the tooth which tumbled out her grasp.The sun had just set and she began to feel ill.She watched in horror as claws sprouted from her hands.Her teeth became fangs and her ears lengthened.Her shoes ripped as her feet and legs began to morph to a position between bipedal and quadripedal.Fur began to sprout all over.She heard her brother shouting for her and just barely whimpered,"D-dipper?"She flinched as the transformation reached it Mystery Kids fanfic: Full Moon Fever part 2That morning Dipper and Mabel woke up near the Mystery Shack.They took one look at each other before hurrying inside.When they got to their room in the attic they locked the door.Dipper flipped through his book, trying to find information on werewolves and if there was a cure.Mabel was more concerned about her sweater which was all torn from the transformation.She looked at a picture of her and Waddles and wondered if he would be safe while she was transformed.Dipper, having found nothing on a cure, absentmindedly glanced at their calander.His eyes widened.How could he forget that their friends would be comming to stay for a few weeks tomorrow!He sighed, they would have to tell them what was going on.Heck maybe they could help them find a cure!
~~The Next Day~~
Norman sat in the back of his mom's car with his friends Raz and Lili.Their family's had come to Gravity Falls for vacation and Norman as well as Raz and Lili were going to be staying with their friends Dipper and Mabel at the M
Mystery Kids fanfic:Full Moon Fever part 3Norman, Raz and Lili's jaws dropped simultaneously."WHAT!!!"They shouted in unison."Keep it down will ya?We can't have Gruncle Stan finding out,"Dipper said irritably."Well how did this happen?"Lili asked, concern in her tone."We're not quite sure.Two nights ago we were out in the woods.Mabel had found some weird stone and got cut by it and the next thing we knew she was a werewolf.She ended up biting me and I then turned into one.I'm still looking for answers and possible cures but I can't find any,"Dipper answered."Well maybe we can help.I'm sure if I looked around I could find a ghost that might know something,"Norman said."Yeah and Raz and I could try and find something in the town's library,"Lili suggested."Thanks guys this means alot,"Dipper said.Mabel gave them all a big hug, a huge grin plastered on her face."Well I'll go and see the ghosts in town now,"Norman said when Mabel released them."And we'll head to library,"Lili said, grabbing Raz's hand and dragging him out of the ro :thumb475703231: :thumb476164130: Mystery Kids: The Mystery Pups. Discontinued!Mabel Pines was a mystery kid and as such was never one to shy away from strangeness, especially if it was the interesting kind, which in Gravity Falls it almost always was.
That's not to say she always leapt after adventure at the first provocation, she wasn't her brother, she had other priorities to worry about besides, but if any friend of hers burst into the room during the night, screaming about some paranormal horror you can bet she'd be charging into the unknown with them, grappling hook in hand, without a second thought.
It was undoubtedly a dangerous occupation, trouble, as they say, was never far away from her; even before they'd met the others she and her brother exhibited a penchant for incurring danger: fanatically polygamous gnomes, insane, false-psychic megalomaniacs, Ephebiphobic convenience store ghosts, even dinosaurs. Despite it all they persevered: each time her natural talent, ingenuity and cutting edge wit handily won the day, it helped that she was always right,
MysteryKids/MysteryPups Oneshot: Fatigued/Forlorn.As Dipper scratched another day off the calendar he couldn't help but feel like they weren't getting anywhere.
He'd... they'd done their best to make the tribulations of lycanthropy as bearable as possible: they'd stocked bucket loads of food to sate their random wolfish cravings, made restraints to keep themselves from hurting anyone after dark, formulated a schedule to help them anticipate their transformations and plan accordingly, (explaining all the bizarre shopping they had to do had been a nightmare), they were as prepared and well supplied as was feasible.
But as far as finding a cure was concerned they were no closer to not having to worry about stress, adrenaline rushes or the cycles of the moon than they'd been when this whole mess had started.
Even Dipper honestly felt like he was too tired to put the effort in anymore: he hadn't slept for... well he hadn't slept: by now his eyes felt like they were trying to droop out of their sockets, his arms and thighs were wracked with

Mature Content

Phony Outrage Should Die a Bloody Death by SionnaDehr Stamp - Anti-Pincest by Skarkat I Hate Tumblr Social Justice Stamp by animeninjaNIPPON Demons are better. by ZeroGravityCroquet Zalgo Worshiper Stamp by XxInfamousWormxX Cult of Cthulhu Gold Stamp by Syphorean Because Seriously You People Are Getting Old by SionnaDehr MYSTERY KIDS - EPISODE TWO - RETURN OF THE BELDAM by mysterykidsproject Logo by Fantasygerard2000 Bill Cipher by Re-tho Mabel Pines Stamp by homestucktroll123 Coraline Fan Stamp by TheWolfQueen :thumb201807616: :Ghosts: by Capricornicis Comedy, My Ass by SilentRisingSun Keep Your Bullshit On Tumblr by s-t-a-m-p-s Keep Your Fetish out of my Childhood by CassidyPeterson ParaNorman Stamp by Nemo-TV-Champion


Alien Visitors by demongirl99
Alien Visitors
Alleged encounters of the Third Kind

Grey/Zeta Reticulan: The modern day depiction of your typical alien. A small grey or green creature with thin limbs, a large head with bulbous black eyes, no ears or hair, a small mouth with small nostril holes. These beings are the most common beings encountered by alien abductees. 

Dover Demon/Mannegishi: A bizarre being first encountered by some local teenagers on April 21st, 1977. It was described as a small creature with "tendril-like fingers", a large bulbous head with no nose, mouth, or ears with two large glowing eyes emitting a red or orange color. The Dover Demon bares some resemblance to a race of creatures found within Cree folklore called the Mannegishi, though the creatures are described to have six digits on the hands and feet. These being are thought to live between the rocks in the rapids and would capsize the canoes of anyone canoeing in the area in an attempt to kill them.

Ghostly Scarecrow: A floating, yellow, big headed, red-eyed creature was sighted in a local Thailand farming community on August 31st, 2005. About ten local residents in the village had spotted the small creature hovering over a ridge that ran through a rice and lemongrass field before disappearing into the sky, never to be seen again.  

Rod/Skyfish: No believed to be simply a hoax, rods were thought to be strange creatures existing within the atmosphere only able to be seen when taken by a photo or on film. Their forms seem to very regarding the amount of wings or fins it had or long they are. 

Domsten Blob: One of the more bizarre encounters, on December 20, 1958, two co-workers witnessed and fought three or four blob-like creatures after seeing a craft land in the middle of a field. These blobs were gray in colored and shaped like loves plus they appeared to invulnerable to the duo's blows as their fists literally sank into the blob's flesh until the blobs were eventually scared off by the pair's car horn.
Legends of Fear by demongirl99
Legends of Fear
First Appeared: "The Outsider"

The Outsider/Kyle: A strange and gruesome creature resembling what looks like a child but his body is blown up to the size of an adult with large, bulging bloodshot eyes, bits of black hair, long claws, sharp teeth, a skeletal figure and hot burning flesh with blood that burns like molten lava. This thing was once a child who was accidentally killed one day during a camping trip while his parents were out hunting. His father accidentally shot him, died on impact; out of grief of their loss and having no money to afford a proper funeral his parents quickly buried him in a unmarked grave and soon left. After some time later the body of the child, known as Kyle, had vanished from his grave as it was discovered to have been dug up from the ground to the surface. It is now said by townsfolk that Kyle had ran off into the woods and has lived there, his anger for his parents is believed to be what kept him alive.

First Appeared: "What Lies Beneath"

Tunnel Monster: Terrifying underground creatures residing underground, these beasts have large blue, round bodies covered with long, spines on their backs with spindly limbs that end with long claws, one large eye and a big, toothy mouth that make up most of the creature's face. These Tunnel Monsters come in large groups (their numbers appear to vary and have been known to travel on their own as well), hunting for prey regardless of how many numbers of their targets are there or who or what their prey is (the prey being humans) and once they taste blood they go into a feeding frenzy. Tunnel Monsters have adapted to seeing in the dark and it was believed that these things may have been used as traps in these old tunnels miners have recently discovered. 

First Appeared: "They Still Remember"

Blue Wolf: A rare specimen, Blue Wolves are considered to be highly prized for their pelt as Blue Wolf pelt is supposed to be worth 10 times more than a normal wolf pelt which given its rarity, gives any hunter a chance to make some real money....that is if they're willing to risk it. Not only are Blue Wolves rare do to their pelt, they are also considered very bad luck to kill one as well. Wither brave enough or foolish enough to kill a Blue Wolf, a curse will fall upon who ever killed it; wolves would follow and honor the Blue Wolf as if its a god even after it has died. The Blue Wolf's spirit lingers on, no longer bond to the mortal realm as it will hunt down who ever killed it and will tear them to pieces either by the Blue Wolf or by its pack. It doesn't matter how long it takes for the Blue Wolf to find it's killer as it is immortal and has all the time in the world as the Blue Wolf will still remember along with its own pack. 

Outsider, Tunnel Monster, Blue Wolf (c) Legends of Fear Link



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